Mechanical Repairs


Repairing all Mechanical Issues for a Variety of Makes and Models

BPB Auto is equipped in repairing all mechanical issues for a variety of makes and models. The team will notify when your vehicle’s parts are due for repair or replacement.




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The Mechanical Repairs that BPB Auto Specialises in Include:



Brake Repairs

No compromises will be made when brakes are to be repaired.


The team will execute extreme caution when diagnosing, repairing and replacing any vehicle brake system, including master cylinder and brake booster, this will ensure the safety of the driver and each passenger.



Suspension system is not just a comfort factor, it is important in the vehicles road handling and driving control. Generally, when you begin to hear noises and feel vibrations while driving, it may be caused by your suspension system. BPB Auto will perform a complete suspension and steering inspection, diagnosis and system repair.


Timing Belts

A timing belt is the most important maintenance item in any vehicle. This is a crucial part in any engine as it essentially keeps the top and bottom half of an engine in sync, allowing the engine to run smoothly. Choosing to not replace your vehicle’s timing belt can be damaging to the engine. In some cases the engine can be damaged beyond repair. BPB Auto will ensure all timing belts are replaced and fitted correctly, avoiding any damage to a vehicle’s engine.


Cooling Systems

A vehicle’s cooling system is a protective component for the engine as it prevents overheating and rust. The system’s coolant fluid absorbs heat from the engine and transfers the heat to the outside air before it recirculates through the engine.


As the coolant fluid has a service life, BPB Auto will advise when your cooling system is due to be flushed and replaced with fresh coolant. This maintenance measure will extend the life and preserve the efficiency of a cooling system.





Carbon Engine Clean

With general wear and tear the engine builds up dirt, sludge and carbon. If an engine part becomes blocked, the engine can not operate correctly, ultimately affecting the engine’s performance. BPB Auto choose to only use ‘Rivive Engine Cleaner & Power Restorer’, a safe and environmentally friendly cleaner. When sprayed through the engine’s intake system, Revive’s scientifically formulated water based cleaner, will stick to all engine build up and remove any deposits that have built up over time. The team always recommends a routine service subsequently to remove and replace oil and filters.



Replacing a vehicle’s clutch is important in maintaining its driving performance. BPB Auto is equipped in repairing various makes and models, including front, rear and 4×4 clutch repairs.


Available clutch services:

  • Flywheel machining
  • Slave cylinder replacement
  • Clutch plate, pedal and cable replacement
  • Bearing replacement



Available tyre services:

  • Repair tyre punctures
  • Change tyres
  • Front and rear wheel alignment